Top Quality AKC Russell Terriers. We breed for health, temperament and conformation. We occasionally have short jack puppies for sale Please take note that we do not breed Puddin Jacks





The biggest misconception is that this breed is short legged however,

if a Parson Russell Terrier is standing next to a Russell Terrier, it is shorter in height

This breed has equal height of leg and chest, which makes the Russell Terrier not short legged





The Russell Terrier originated in England, but developed in Australia. 

The small size of the breed made it ideal to be carried on horseback in terrier bags, a requisite for certain terrain. The breed derived from the Reverend Parson's fox working terrier strains, sharing many common characteristics of the Parson Russell Terrier. However, it must be noted the two breeds are distinctly different in body structure and height and have been maintained as separate breeds in the US and Europe.

The Russell Terrier is confident, highly intelligent and faithful, and views life as a great adventure. The breed possesses a vast amount of energy, so it does best with an active family that spends a lot of time outdoors. It will remain devoted and loving to its 'people' for its lifetime. The Russell Terrier coat requires minimal upkeep beyond brushing and occasional bathing


CLT Russells passed AKC Inspection in January 2013

We are breeding to fit the AKC Russell Terrier Standard and the ANKC/FCI/UKC Jack Russell Standard



Terriers are noted for courage, being very active, and fearless.

Their work is to force game out of its lair (not kill the game underground) or to indicate the game's whereabouts by barking.

Most terriers are diggers!



We Breed for Quality, NOT quantity!



Please take note that we do not breed Puddin Jacks

Here is some information on the Dwarf Jack Russell Called Puddins

Canine Achondroplastic Dwarves



CLT's little treasures are AKC/UKC Registered.

They are microchipped with current shots and worming.

Parents are all health tested and have been shown in AKC and UKC Conformation.

Showing dogs is a good test of their temperament as well as a great tool for us as breeders

 to better our dogs in order to move forward with the dogs that best meet the standard

of the breed in both structure and temperament.






"Terrier" takes its name from the Latin word Terra, meaning Earth.
 Terrier is also the modern French for "burrow"




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April 10, 2014

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