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We are a Small Hobby Breeder of Short (Jack) Russell Terrier's. NOT Tall Parson Russell Terriers



Feeding your new Russell Terrier Puppy

Life's Abundance is a Nutritious, tasty food they’ll wolf down. Your dog is loyal to you throughout their life, so the best we can do for them is give them exactly what they deserve. By feeding your dog our uniquely formulated dog foods, you will be nourishing their body in a way that you will see and they will feel.

This is HUGE, almost every mega company has recalls & many deaths have occurred. 
We believe it is crucial for your puppy to continue taking Life's Abundance Nutritional System. This amazing food is made daily in small batches and tested BEFORE  being shipped to our door! Its about 3 to 6 weeks old when it arrives thus your puppy will never be fed 1 to 4 year old food like the large companies!  

What To Feed Your Puppy:
Your new puppy has been raised on Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food 
You can buy it online by

Our food has GUARANTEED prebiotics and probiotics, omegas and vitamins, and antioxidants.  Every batch is tested for analysis and safety and holistically balanced and never has  wheat, corn, soy, or by-products and NEVER will. 

25years of operation!

Nutrition & Food: Our puppies begin Life’s Abundance supplements when starting dry food because of the powerful antioxidants which help eliminate free radicals and boosts the immune system, creating a preventative against skin and coat problems, various forms of cancer, heart issues, arthritis, cataracts, tumors, digestive problems, allergies, and even hip dysplasia. 

Your puppy will be eating approx. 1 cup per day by the time he/she is full-grown.

Please be aware that if your puppy gets altered, he/she will require significantly less food per day or he/she will become obese! This will in return become very hard on their joints. I strive to keep all of my dogs a very healthy lean weight and recommend you do the same. 

Over the months ahead, your puppy’s feeding needs will change and will need to be adjusted. The weight of your puppy can have a severe negative impact on it’s overall health long term.

Please note: providing a higher nutritious and balanced food, helps to prevent fast growth, fewer bone problems, fewer vet bills, and promotes longer life.

Feeding Life's Abundance is a few dollars a day depending on your dogs weight


  • Feeding half in the morning and half in the evening while puppy adjusts to their new family routine.

  • If crate training, I recommend Feeding 2 hours before bedtime. Just before bedtime, take your new baby outside to potty and praise them for using the outside potty room and not the inside one!

  • Reward your baby with a Wholesome Heart Treats when going to bed/crate to help keep the training process positive



We also highly recommend these Immunity boosting Vitamins!

ALL of our dogs are on these daily which helps them have less allergies!




Chrystal Chavez-Rackley



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February 08, 2024

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