Top Quality AKC Russell Terriers. We breed for health, temperament and conformation. We occasionally have short jack puppies for sale Please take note that we do not breed Puddin Jacks

Loyal Companion * Fearless Hunter * Energetic and Agile * Intelligent * Loves To Work & Lives To Play

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CLT is a FULLY Health Tested Kennel!

We believe that we are the ONLY Fully health tested (Short Jack) Russell Terrier Kennel with OFA CHIC Certified Dogs

We Health Test ALL of our Breeding Stock for 5+ different Diseases

Setting the BAR high above the rest, by doing more then the 3 Breed Required tests!



We are a Small Hobby Breeder of Short (Jack) Russell Terrier's. NOT Tall Parson Russell Terriers


Our top priority is health, temperament, and correct structure




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How much is that puppy?


Puppies regardless of Size, Sex, Color or Coat Type are Priced Equally within a Litter. We don't charge more for Females or Rough coats like other breeders.


Each puppy in a litter maybe more desirable by coat or gender but that does not make them worth more then another in the same litter. Every puppy born to a litter will have the same pedigree and same parental health clearances, making them all equal to each of its own littermates.


Pet Companions

$2,000 - $3,000

Price is determined by Parents health testing & show records.

Pet Companions come with Limited Registration meaning that the dog is registered and you can participate in Performance events but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.


Performance, Breeding & Show Prospects

$2,500 - $3,500

Bitches: No Strings attached  -  Males: CLT Gets Lifetime Breeding Rights


No Co-Ownership, you own him/her outright

You are required to do Health Testing before breeding;

BAER, OFA Eye Exam, and Patellas


Breeding and show prospects higher because you are getting breeding rights and

all the work I have put into each breeding selection. You are also getting the

health testing background and campaigning that I have done with the parents

and/or grand parents.


Discounted Bitches with Terms of Co-Ownership with Puppy Back & Championship Title



We take breeding dogs very seriously and only want the best

to represent the Russell Terrier breed


Spay/Neuter Contract MUST be signed for all puppies that do not met our high standards of breeding and show quality.


Kennel Tours: Our Farm lifestyle is associated with the unpredictable nature of animals and can be risky for the average person. Because of this, we do not provide "kennel" tours, which is allowing the public onto our property and into our home. Visitors can potentially bring Parvo onto our property unknowingly.




How do I reserve a puppy?

PLEASE NOTE that I will not contact you when a litter is born to inform you of its arrival. Due to Families not replying to our emails and notifications. We also do not use any type of waiting list, or reservation list. Following us on Facebook is the best way to be updated on our breeding program because this is where we post our litter announcements and news first before anywhere else.

We strive to improve structure and type with each litter and sometimes with the breed still being new, some puppies may grow taller then expected or ear setting may change. Therefore there is no guarantee on coat color, type, height, structure, conformation, or temperament no matter what maybe assumed by either breeder or anyone else. Many factors including environmental, nutritional, and genetics have an effect on all of these outcomes.

We do not guarantee, train, or sell Service, Emotional Support, or Assistance animals nor that they can or will be able to pass training to become certified in this field as there are many factors in life that will affect him/her, such as general human behavior, methods of training, amount of time spent with the puppy/dog, socialization of the puppy/dog, etc..

  • What is a Companion Dog?  A companion dog is a dog that does not work, providing only companionship as a pet, rather than usefulness by doing specific tasks. A Companion dog is not an assistance dog or an Emotional Support Animal which is also known as a service dog in the United States.

  • What is a Service Dog?  A Service dog is a dog task-trained to aid or assist to help mitigate the handler's disability. Many service dogs are trained by an assistance dog organization, or by their handler, but often with the help of a professional trainer.


STEP 1: Read our Contract

Pet Puppy Contract: Download

Breeding/Show/Performance Puppy Contract: Download

STEP 2: Applying

Fill out our Application so that we can see if your family is a good fit for our breeding program.

Adoption Application: Download

STEP 3: Placing a Deposit

Inquire/eMail to see if you can hold a reservation slot with a $500 non-refundable deposit AND Signed contract. Contract must accompany the deposit for your reservation to count.

Deposits are applied to the total puppy adoption fee and are only good for 2 years (starting in 2023, see below). This means that if there is not a puppy in the litter that your family likes, you can choose to wait for another litter, but a puppy must be chosen within 2 years or your deposit is forfeited to CLT and applied to our continuing health tests and showing to preserve our quality breeding program.

STEP 4: Choosing a Puppy

When puppies are 8 (sometimes 9) weeks old they are evaluated for Temperament, Structure & Breed type. This process separates pet quality from show/breeding quality. Only then will picks be made in order of deposit received. Breeding/Show Prospect Deposits have first priority over pet companions. CLT will ALWAYS have first choice in every Litter to preserve our quality breeding program.

STEP 5: Delivery

Once puppies reach 9 week old, they are hand delivered to their new homes and the remainder balance is due unless your puppy is flying in which case balance plus shipping fee is due before this time.

Local Delivery. We almost always met families in populated area's approximately half way. Families maybe subject to a $2 per mile fee.

Out of Area - Air Transportation. We do not use a Flight nanny or Carrier service because we feel that we cannot trust anyone to make sure that each puppy is cared for and protected to ensure their safety. We personally will fly with our puppies in cabin to the new families closest major airport.

Air Transportation Fee: $600 or $400 if combined with another family to the same airport or connection airport.

This Fee includes:

  - Gas to the airport (50-100 Miles one way)

  - Flight Ticket for myself round trip

  - Flight Ticket for the puppy ($125)

  - Airport Parking Fee ($25-$50)



We do not allow visiting & playing with puppies, who are still developing antibodies and immune systems that are not yet protected by vaccinations. Visitors can also potentially bring Parvo onto our property unknowingly which is a deadly virus to young puppies.

Puppy theft is also a growing problem, so unknown traffic in our home endangers the safety of our family and puppies. So seeing us and our dogs means that you are also seeing our home and any puppies we have as we raise them in our home and not out in a kennel. We have added 24/7 video surveillance to help protect our family, home, and pets.

We understand that this will make many families uncomfortable with working with CLT as there are so many people out there now more than ever trying to scam people for money on fake puppy sales. We do our best to post a lot of pictures and videos of our puppies and their parents on our facebook page, which we have many followers of families who already have one of our babies.


Cashiers Check 

Money Order 









Credit Cards 




More About Deposits.....

As of 2023, Deposits now have an Expiration date!

List of Current Deposits towards future puppies


"Yeary" Placed 1/9/2021
"Goebel" Placed 9/7/2021
"Hempsey" Placed 3/8/2022
"Wang" Placed 2/25/2023
"Barnes" Placed 3/13/2023
- Expires June 2025
- Expires June 2025
- Expires June 2025
- Expires June 2025
- Expires June 2025

This public page is your official notification of the expiration of the deposit Placed




CLT's little treasures are AKC/UKC Registered.

They are microchipped with age appropriate shots and deworming.


Parents are all health tested and have been shown in AKC and/or UKC Conformation. Showing dogs is a good test of their temperament as well as a great tool for breeders to better our dogs in order to move forward with the dogs that best meet the standard of the breed in both structure and temperament.


Cosmetic alterations on any dog

after it leaves CLT is UNACCEPTABLE!


I have had many people ask me about docking tails on older puppies that haven't had their tails docked. I am highly educated in this breed and its heritage, and if you do not like the look of our dogs, please choose another breeder!! 80% of breeders in the USA dock tails way to short. There is a purpose for the tails and if its too short, it is useless in their breed designated working environment. 


  • We Recommend you wait until your puppy is at least 4 months old but before one year old to get him/her fixed, this is also a great time to get your Puppy a Rabies Vaccine and register with the city. Spayed/Neutered Pets are cheaper to register with the city then intact pets. We highly recommend doing this so the city has your puppy's information and Microchip # incase your little one gets lost.

  • We are here for you from moment of adoption until forever. If in the future is you can no longer provide for your treasure for any reason, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO THE SHELTER!!, we will gladly take him/her into our care providing you cover the expense to get them to us. We will do our best to rehome them in the best home (no refund or fee will be compensated).

  • Once puppies leave us, we are not responsible for parasites, protozoan's, and contact with Parvo. Puppies will have received preventative care against these health concerns before they leave. There is no guarantee that each puppy is 100% protected and BEWARE that they can still get these.

, These ARE Terriers, Not a lazy lap dog



CLT's Good Dog Policy

Revised November 2022

If you are contacting us first through GoodDog then both you and CLT are required to use GoodDogPay (which has added fee's) as per GoodDog’s newest Platform Policy (


Unfortunately, this means that all money transfers must be made 4 days before you can pick up your puppy to protect CLT and our babies. As always we will ensure that the puppy you chose is the right fit for your family with videos and photos. 


We do not like to process going home meet-up’s this way but we cannot break GoodDog’s Policy if we wish to continue to use them to promote our Kennel.


We here at CLT hope that you understand this change for GoodDog Families.




CLT Forms


Adoption Application: Download

Pet Puppy Contract: Download

Breeding/Show/Performance Puppy Contract: Download

Adult Dog Contract: Download

Microchip Registration: Page 1 | Page 2 









Chrystal Chavez-Rackley


Best way to get a hold of me is E-mail or Text Message



Russell Facts

Rev. John Russell used his Terriers to flush quarry for his hounds and he was quite insistent that the terriers should not be required to thrash, cripple or kill it but were to nip and tease the fox to leave its earth (den) and start the chase again. The terrier being unable to keep up with the hounds was carried to the earth by a huntsman on horseback. This terrier was carried in a small sack either in front of behind the rider. The terrier was set down some distance away to find his way to the den. This was the reason Rev John Russell always insisted on white body dogs so the hounds would not confuse the terrier with the fox and kill it by mistake.

Pictured: "Chrystals California Dreamer"



Our dogs are Health Tested - PLL is not the "ONLY" Genetic issue

Patella Luxation  (Kneecaps)

Cardiac (Heart)

CERF (Eyes)

Primary Lens Luxation (Eyes)

BAER (Hearing)

SCA (Testing Now!) 


Click on links to find out more

Why should I test my dog for genetic disease?

Veterinarians and responsible breeders of purebred dogs and cats are well aware that hip dysplasia and other inherited diseases can be controlled by careful, selective breeding programs. DNA tests for specific diseases remain the "gold standard" in determining an animal's genotype, but in the absence of available DNA tests, phenotypic evaluations are the best alternative. Information regarding the test results from the sire and dam, along with information on other close relatives such as siblings, half-siblings, aunts and uncles allows breeders to apply greater selective pressure to produce normal offspring and avoid affected offspring.


Russell Terrier Breed Required Tests:

Annual Eye Exams, Patella, & BAER

About Breeding and PLL

Primary Lens Luxation )

It is very important to us to thin out this Gene. We are making our breeding plans carefully not to produce Affected Dogs. PLL leads to Glaucoma which is very painful to the dog and causes it to go blind. Once it is in one eye, the other eye is soon to follow and if daily eye drops to reduce the swelling and pain meds does not help, removal of the eye maybe necessary. 

















Best way to get a hold of me is E-mail or Text Message



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