Top Quality AKC Russell Terriers. We breed for health, temperament and conformation. We occasionally have short jack puppies for sale Please take note that we do not breed Puddin Jacks


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CLT is a FULLY Health Tested Kennel!


We are a Small Hobby Breeder of Short (Jack) Russell Terrier's. NOT Tall Parson Russell Terriers


Our top priority is health, temperament, and correct structure


We Health Test ALL of our Breeding Stock for 5+ different Diseases

Setting the BAR high above the rest, by doing more then the 3 Breed Required tests!

We have started SCA Testing!


For the safety of my Family & Animals, I don't post my address publicly

We are located in-between Palm Springs, CA & Riverside, CA

Visitation is by Appointment ONLY



"NO BUTTS" about it

We Strive for a Calmer disposition in our dogs



Chrystal Chavez-Rackley

Best way to get a hold of me is Via E-mail



Please txt or Leave Message

We live on a small farm and

I do not have reception




Dog Boarding

Available to all CLT Treasured Families

Rates are $5-$10 a day per dog


Libby @ 3 Months old




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October 10, 2020

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